31st Professional Statistical Analysis Workshop: Basic and Advanced techniques for Impact Evaluation(Canceled)


The workshop has been canceled due to the unavailability of the instructor.We sincerely regret the inconvenience to and kindly ask for the understanding of the applicants.

“Anyone can understand without fail and you can be a professional !!”
Participant’s voice 1: “The instructor explained everything using only +, −, ×, ÷. It was truly amazing”.
Participant’s voice 2: “Very happy because I became able to read academic thesis using statistics, and now I am reading many day by day”.

This training will equip you a set of practical statistical analysis techniques in two days. It includes (i) easy-to-understand theoretical background; (ii) how to operate Excel; (iii)detailed hand calculation using only addition, subtraction, division and multiplication (+, -, x, ÷), and (iv) how to read thesis papers in professional journals (economics, sociology, education, evaluation, etc.). Maybe you will surprise because you think “Is it possible using only Excel and simple hand-calculation?”. You can see the participants survey results posted below and those make you understand and become in confidence about our achievement. 

The course consists of: (i) presentation of actual examples of Impact Evaluation based on five basic designs; (ii) calculation of means (averages), etc., (iii) t-test (judgement of two sample means), (iv)chi-square test (judgement of “yes” and “no” ratio), and (iv) regression analysis (Y=aX+b, using several variables). Surprisingly enough, those will be presented not only by Excel operation but also by hand-calculation even for regression analysis!  It is rare opportunity and you can experience the actual calculation procedures behind the Excel program,

Prior to the seminar, a half-day presentation session will be held and you can join it by free of charge! This half-day session will consist of 5 basic design for impact evaluation and respective actual applications. They include (1) before-after, (2) Time-series, (3) Generic control, (4) Matched Control and (5) Randomized controlled trial (RCT).

Lastly, an individual counseling session will be held for those who are facing statistical issues, including research method selection, thesis writing, dissertation writing and any general inquiry of statistical analysis. If you would like join individual consultation, please contact us in advance.

Certificate of achievement will be awarded for those who completes the 2 days training.

Certificate of Completion (English, instructor-signed)is awarded after an attendant submit the sheet recording his/her attendance. You can easily add it with your resume by PDF format you generate by yourself.

※ The word in the title , “professional”, is the same meaning of differentiation of Academic School/Professional School in American Universities.

※Program (time table) is available here Here.

※Survey results of participants in the past (PDF format).

    (Language: Japanese. Venue type: Physical meeting in the conference room)


DateDecember 13 (Mon), 14 (Tue) , 15 (Wed), 2021
VenueZoom. You can access anywhere in the world. Lectures will be video-recorded. Participants can access and watch those videos (in one week after the workshop)
LanguageEnglish. (Instructors are Ph.D. holders from American universities)
HostIDCJ Evaluation Department
Number of participantsMax 20 (Minimum Attendants for implementation:10 people)
Prerequisites(1) You should be able to implement addition, subtraction, multiplication, division (+, –, ÷, ×).
(2) You should have experience in using Microsoft Excel: (i) You should be able to input numbers smoothly. (ii) You should have experience in using “Auto-sum” icon.
(3) You should be able to prepare and bring a Windows OS personal computer.
Note: “Excel Mobile for Tablet” is not acceptable because its version does not have Analysis Tools.
Necessary items to bring (i)A Windows OS personal computer (It is preferable that CPU is Core-i5 or faster).
(ii)A monitor or another personal computer (Its screen size should larger than 12 inch).
(iii)Writing tools (a pen or pencil, a high-light pen and an eraser) A hand calculator (Smartphone is acceptable).
Register Click the icon at the bottom, and write including (i) your name, (ii) organization name and (iii) any comment/inquiry. Then, you can directly access the following Peatix website for payment.
Peatix website:
FeeJPY 29,000 (tax included) for full two days participation: JPY 8,000 (tax included) for only 1st session (“Presentation of Impact Evaluation Case Studies”) Due date: December 3, 2021
TextA set of softcopy of texts will be distributed in advance in PDF format. In addition, the set of hardcopy of texts will be sent to the residents in Japan in advance.
InstructorRyo SASAKI, Evaluation, Western Michigan University (USA) (Senior Researcher, IDCJ Inc.)
Keiichi TAKAKI, Ph.D. in Sociology, Stanford University (USA) (Bunsekiya Co.Ltd.)
ContactContact us from here (Google form will open)