サステナビリティ・レポーティング入門コースBeginner’s Guide to Sustainability Reporting courseは、前提知識を必要としません。このコースでは、「サステナビリティとSDGsとは何か」、「持続可能な未来の構築に、自分の組織はどのような役割を果たすことができるか」、「サステナビリティ報告とは実際にどのようなものか」、「なぜ自分の組織はサステナビリティ報告を行うべきなのか」、「サステナビリティ報告プロセスにおいてGRIスタンダードをどのように活用すればよいのか」といった疑問を探求します。




個人学習: このコースは、学生、サステナビリティ報告分野を目指す専門家、あるいは現在進行している議論に興味がある方などに、出発点として最適です。またこのコースは、基本的な知識を強化したい実務担当者にも最適です。


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The world of sustainability is moving at a rapid pace, especially with increased stakeholder and regulatory expectations. Understanding the concept of sustainability in business is not just critical for organizations today, but also important for our future as a society. That is why GRI has released a 50-minute beginner course to provide everyone with foundational knowledge on sustainability reporting.

The Beginner’s Guide to Sustainability Reporting course does not require any prerequisite knowledge. It explores questions like ‘What are sustainability and the SDGs?’, ‘What role can my organization play in building a sustainable future?’, ‘What actually is sustainability reporting?’, ‘Why should my organization undertake sustainability reporting?’, ‘How do I use the GRI Standards in the sustainability reporting process?’.

Here are a few examples of how the course can be used:

Preparing employees for reporting requirements: Get your organization ready for mandatory reporting by equipping employees across the business with foundational knowledge of sustainability. This will help internal stakeholders better understand the rationale behind sustainability reporting; making it easier to collect information and engage the entire workforce in the reporting process.

Small and medium scale enterprise reporting: This course is an excellent foundation for SMEs to understand their impact and prepare to be part of a bigger supply chain.  

Individual learning
: Whether you are a student, a professional transitioning into sustainability reporting or just someone curious about the ongoing conversation, this course is a good starting point. This course is also ideal for practicing professionals who would like to strengthen their basic knowledge.

Get the course at an early bird discount of 50 euro applicable until September 30.


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