International Development
Center of Japan



The International Development Center of Japan (IDCJ) was established in February 1971 as a quasi-governmental, non-profit organization and Japan’s first think tank specializing in the field of international development and cooperation. It has been undertaking numerous researches, training, and consulting tasks in the area of international cooperation. Building upon the strength in research and training, IDCJ established the International Development Center of Japan Incorporated (IDCJ Inc.) in 2010 to continue offering high-quality consulting services
Established : February 15, 1971 .

IDCJ brochure (PDF)

Message from Chairperson

While economic globalization and technological progress have drastically changed the way of peoples’ life and society, social issues, including aging and global warming have become more alarming. Today, these issues have been actively addressed by many stakeholders such as international organizations, national governments, private corporations, educational institutions, local communities and civil organizations by closely cooperating with each other. Hence, we at IDC/IDCJ as a member of the international community, take these phenomena seriously and we commit to response effectively and collaboratively. Consequently, the roles of IDCJ have been changing remarkably. Until today, IDCJ has accumulated robust experiences and networks while taking advantage of its flexibility as a private organization being the first established think tank specializing in the field of development and cooperation in Japan. By making full use of such assets, IDCJ aims to create new value and contribute to society. We greatly appreciate your continued and unending support and cooperation with our future work and advocacies.   

Masaya Futamiya, Chairperson

Message from President of IDCJ

Based on the founding philosophy, IDCJ has developed its work to improve the quality of international cooperation and contributed to the socio-economic development of developing countries. While foreign aids and international cooperation used to be unidirectionally provided from donors to recipients, they have shifted to be mutual cooperation these days. As our commitment to development initiatives, the IDCJ proposes new ideas through researches/studies, human resource development, international exchanges and provision of knowledge and information. Similarly, through cooperation with various stakeholders such as industries, governments, and academia, IDCJ endeavors to present solutions to increasingly complicated issues.  As a committed organization which connects new values in the international community, it is our great pleasure to support our society in solving issues through our innovative and progressive work and initiatives.

Hiromitsu Muta, President of International Development Center of Japan

Message from President of IDCJ Inc.

IDCJ Inc., as the core of the IDCJ Group, is engaged in providing development consulting services to various clients and beneficiaries. The schemes for contribution to the international community have shifted from aid to mutual cooperation, and to the creation of value through global business development without distinction between the public and private sectors. In such a paradigm shift, the IDCJ has expanded and strengthened its functions and roles as a global business consulting firm. As an effort towards sustainable development, the IDCJ will promote its business development including business investment and partnership, while utilizing our knowledge and skills cultured through our consulting services. We look forward to developing business with new partners who want to make full use of our broad experience and expertise, innovative ideas, and responsive solutions.

Yukihiro Terada, President of International Development Center of Japan Incorporated