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Education and health, two fields that play essential roles in the development of human resource, are vital components of sustainable development. In the education sector, improving access to quality education and increasing student learning outcomes, have become increasingly important. There is also a growing recognition of the importance of fostering human resources who can accommodate innovation in science technology and industry. In the field of healthcare, achieving Universal Health Coverage (UHC) is one of the most urgent actions required. Moreover, it is crucial to improve health in the population by addressing the issues in maternal and child health as well as infection prevention and control (IPC). Aiming for international development to “leave no one behind,” it is essential to create a fully inclusive society while protecting socially vulnerable groups.

Strength of IDCJ

IDCJ has been conducting diverse activities to improve the quality of education all over the world. Activities to improve quality of education cover a wide range of projects from on-site educational supports, including qualitative enhancement in teaching practices and improvement of school management, to the comprehensive initiatives such as revision of school curriculum and development of textbooks along with the development of human resources for industries. Specifically, the IDCJ has rich experiences in policy evaluation and data collection surveys related to the policy framework and its scheme in educational areas. In the fields of health, the IDCJ has been conducting health-related researches including infection control and nutrition and cooperating with the private sectors. Moreover, with regards to the issues of health equality, social inclusion and protection of vulnerable groups, the IDCJ has been actively engaging in the social welfare and health activities by supporting groups such as people with disability and refugees.

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