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Issues Recognized

Rural development is another sector in which multifaced issues are deeply intertwined. Global issues, such as climate change and population growth, put stress on the environment and hugely affect socio-economic activities of local societies especially among developing countries. Agriculture, being the key industry in many developing countries, is vulnerable to such issues. Therefore, it is necessary to address these issues in multiple levels, namely at the levels of the international community, individual countries and of local societies. On the other hand, due to the growing middle-income group amidst economic development, agriculture in developing countries holds greater business potentials today.

Strength of IDCJ

In the rural development sector, the IDCJ has long been engaging in various works, from policy making to local community support, to meet the needs of various developing countries. Through these experiences, the IDCJ has established its strength in providing a wide range of services, from the macro-level to the micro-level engagements. The IDCJ has particularly rich experiences in the following fields: agricultural policy-making and planning, policy monitoring, community-led rural development, market-oriented agriculture, development of food value chains, and supporting the Japanese private companies and local governments to expand businesses globally.

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