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Today, not only the government but also other entities such as schools and NGOs are required to fulfill accountability and to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their activities. In this context, the importance of evaluation is ever growing. To meet such needs, the IDCJ has been providing consultation services.  They also conduct research and training in various types of evaluations in Japan and abroad.

Strengths of IDCJ

The researchers of IDCJ use their incomparable expertise in conducting evaluations. Subject areas are a wide-ranging including international cooperation, administration/governance, education, health, environment, agricultural development, industrial development, and many other emerging areas. The types of evaluations conducted also vary – from policy evaluation, administrative evaluation, school evaluation, and evaluation by themes, to programme evaluation, project evaluation (ex-ante evaluation, mid-term review, terminal evaluation, ex-post evaluation), impact evaluation, statistical analysis, and so forth.

Key projects

ODA Policy Evaluation

Project evaluation

Other projects

ODA Policy Evaluation

Evaluation by themes, Case study, Project study

Project evaluation